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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  August 30, 2010 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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patriot golf day, i was invited by the president to go. i have a four-day boot camp to get ready for friday. you'll see me tee. in texas for the troops. more on that. the u.s.-mexico border. the first of 1200 troops deployed to four states starting today. this is a new wave of deadly violence, rocks our southern border, the big story, too, good morning, everybody on a monday, i'm bill hemmer, welcome to "america's newsroom." martha: good to have you back. bill: didn't miss me at all. martha: we all missed you, everybody at home missed you, good to have you here. good morning, everybody, great to have you here as well, i'm martha maccallum. we're talking about this, the deployment is part of president obama's plan to beef up security and to crack down on illegal activity around the border and we have seen a -- months, boy,
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have we have escalating violence in the area that turned mexico, basically into a war zone. bill: over the weekend we found out a mayor was murdered in the a city across the texas border and james rosen in washington, good morning, james. >> reporter: bill, good morning, the army national guard units deploying to arizona this week are a fraction of the ultimate number committed by the obama administration to the mexican border, a small fraction still of the number arizona governor jan brewer says her state needs and initial contingent of 30 guard members will deploy this week and will be armed for self-defense, but, spokesmen for the national guard say they will not serve in a law enforcement capacity. rather they have been trained in surveillance techniques. to serve as an extra pair of eyes and ears along the volatile border with mexico and if they spot illegals or drug trafficking they will call in customs and border protection and the president and his homeland security secretary janet napolitano, have drawn criticism from immigration hawks who claim they favor amnesty as part of vision for comprehensive
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immigration reform and the white house staunchly denies that and the president and his congressional allies claim they dedicated unprecedented resource and personnel to combatting the transnational criminal organizations, trafficking and drugs and weapons and money and people. >> the technology as well as additional 1500 agents along the border shows we are serious, and, we have to -- if we have to do more, we should and that i believe is the view of the president. >> reporter: the 1500 agents senator reid mentioned are funded through a $600 million tax on foreign i.t. companies doing business in the states president obama signed into law earlier this month and are separate from the 1200 national guard troops the president has committed to sending to the border to assist the agents not only with surveillance as i said but, also as mr. obama promised in june, drug interdiction. bill: you mentioned jan brewer is not happy with the number of troops. what does she think is necessary.
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>> governor brewer called for 6,000 national guardsmen and guards members, to be sent to just her state alone, the 1200 that president obama has promised to send from the national guard to that area are for all of those states you showed in your map and wants to see jan brewer, 6,000 in her state alone and remember it all takes place as governor brewer and the obama administration battle in court, over that tough immigration law the governor signed earlier this year. bill: james rosen leading our coverage on that, a major headline, james, thanks, here's martha with more on that. martha: let's break this down. we have 224 national guard troops that are going to be deployed in california. governor arnold schwarzenegger says those troops have completed training and they are ready to assist the border agents, it shows it really well in terms of where everybody will go and meanwhile, more than 520 troops are getting the biggest number in arizona, and they will be patrolling the border, over 70 in new mexico, and, 250 people will go to texas.
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more on this coming up. bill: and police now captured the suspect in the killing of a sheriff's deputy, 23-year-old scott curley. surrendered a bit earlier today in utah, after people in a subdivision called police about a suspicious man with a rifle -- that will do it! he was carrying the weapon, police say, that killed deputy brian harris on thursday. just across the arizona border. martha? martha: well, we could be in for another rough week of economic numbers, that may be less than rosy, shall we say following a week of plummeting home sales. we have rough numbers last week as you may ruemember and a few minutes ago we got the first week's numbers and the latest report on consumer spending up 0.04% in july, the fastest pace in four months helped by a jump in demand by automobiles and that sounds like good news and why it matters, consumer spending makes up 70% of what greases the wheels of the
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economy. fox business network's stuart varney joins us. give us the lay of the land, what should we look forward to. >> it is not a bad number, consumers are spending a little bit more, not much but spending just a little bit more, and, unfortunately if this is a positive, it will be almost certainly overshadowed by the big negatives that are coming later in the week. you know, the summer is winding down on the summer of recovery, really has gone into reverse and this week will confirm that. we have no less than three different and separate reports on jobs. none of them is expected to show that we are making any improvement in the mass unemployment situation. some of them will show that we are still losing net jobs. now, the president has come back from his vacation and issued an interview in which he acknowledges the economy is slowing, and acknowledges it is not growing fast enough in his own words and has come out in favor of a $30 billion package
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to help out small business but at this point we have a tough week coming for the economy, and, the economy is winding down and at this moment we don't have a big new plan from the president to deal with the slide. martha: one thing we talked about in the past week are the bush tax cuts and whether or not they will be continued for the wealthy, and, for everybody else out there. in the under $250,000 bracket. i think it shapes up to be a very important political discussion over the next few months, which way, you know, what is your sense of where the president will go with this and could it make a big difference? could it be the one thing that injects a little bit of enthusiasm into the economy in a tough time. >> well the president apparently is going to call for a continuation of the bush tax cuts for the middle class. but, the removal of the tax cuts for the rich. that is a very important distinction. it will weigh very heavily on the state of the economy going forward. a political question and is major economic question and in my opinion the president will
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get a repeal, continues situation, rather, continuation of the tax cuts for the middle class but i think taxes for the rich, the top 1, 2, 3% are going up and that will have consequences. martha: and we'll see what they call that repeal and they probably won't call it getting back to tax cuts and we'll see how that gets phrased, thank you very much, sir. bill: speaking of the economy, you can bet it is 86 days now until the fall election and the republican, marco rubio calling for extending the tax cuts for everyone including the wealthy ones. >> the american dream is out of control, who think more government deficit spending is what it takes to grow or economy and that never worked and it will not work now. >> the weekly radio address, call it a weekly address, now,
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given the technology today, i guess radio is old-fashioned, isn't it, and i still listen to one and a lot of folks do, marco rubio is live in our program, later this hour, live on "america's newsroom" and, we'll see that in 35 minutes. martha: and, all of our good friends, on fox news radio and where we hang out on the weekend, and president obama blaming what he calls a campaign of misinformation where 1/5 of americans think he's muslim and in an interview yesterday, during the trip to mark five years since hurricane katrina the president, who is christian, said his faith has -- says he has faith, excuse me, in the american people to get past the nonsense about his religious beliefs, here's a piece of that. >> president barack obama: well, look, brian, i would say that i can't spend all my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead them. facts are the facts and it's not something that i can, i think,
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spend all my time worrying about. martha: the president there referring to the attacks on his citizenship. equating them with confusion over his faith and in the recent pew poll only a third of voters correctly identified president obama as a christian and he was addressing that in the interview that he did to mark the 5th anniversary of hurricane katrina over the weekend. bill: and the interview with nbc and the president defending his previous comments on the mosque proposed for near ground zero, saying he was endorsing the constitution, not a project when he said the group had the right to build the islamic center and in a moment, new york congressman peter king, a vocal opponent of the plan weighs in on comments from the controversial imam spearheading the project, who says he believes the opposition to the project is linked to the political election season. here in the u.s. stay tuned for that. martha: a lot of hurricane activity out there, in the atlantic ocean. hurricane warnings are now in place for parts of the united
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states, earl is gaining speed in the atlantic, there's a look at that from the satellite picture, winds up to 105 miles per hour as warnings are posted for the caribbean. and the national hurricane center says earl could become a major hurricane in the next few days and could make landfall by the end of the week. and that would track us here for the labor day weekend, at the end of the summer, we are tracking the path of the storms and will have a live report next hour on exactly where it looks like earl is pounding coastlines along the way and where it might be headed. bill: a "fox news alert." want to take you live to atlanta. the heartsfield international airport. getting reports now, of a suspicious package left in a parking lot on the terminal's north side, hartsfield international airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, every day it is busy moving passengers through the airport and got a call, 6:30 a.m., three hours earlier than the reports coming in now, the bomb squad now responded on the
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scene and they are on the parking deck trying to figure out whether or not it is suspicious or a report that will not pan out. anyway, we're keeping an eye on it. that is the control tower there, you see it, hartsfield international airport, so, we are back on the story as our bureau out of atlanta, our local affiliates, out there, as we get more, the headline crossing, right now on america''s newsroom. martha: this question: is there a new danger facing our u.s. troops in afghanistan? how the taliban could be changing our game plan. bill: it has not budged for 400 years. that was until this past weekend, with the eruption of the volcano, what it could mean to the thousands living beneath it. also, this... >> the second rider, he hit him from behind and his bike flew up five feet in the air and landed 25, 30 feet beyond him. martha: tragedy on the racecourse, a teenage racer killed. what led to the horrific crash
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martha: have you seen the pictures, a volcano erupted another first time in more than 400 years. these pictures are incredible. it spewed massive clouds of ash the second day a row, forcing more than 20,000 people to abandon their homes and all of it is covered in ash and the rap fixes for all of those people in -- ramifications will be big and researchers are monitoring the eruptions closely and vulcanologists are insure of the volcano's pattern since it is so -- unsewer of the pattern since it has been so long since it has been active. bill: in afghanistan, reports the taliban has infiltrated u.s. and nato bases and this was the scene over the weekend after terrorist disguised in u.s. military uniforms tried to target a base near the border with pakistan.
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meanwhile, taliban spies reportedly tried to pull off an attack on the british prime minister david cameron on his recent trip to the country. what they wanted to do was shoot the helicopter from the sky and a local colonel on the ground says they were mere seconds from success, wow. is it true? mike baker, former cia covert operations officer, president of diligent, llc, a global security firm with me in studio, good morning to you. >> good morning. bill: strong words from the colonel, were they seconds away from taking out the british prime minister. >> no, i think, the colonel's former commander there in afghanistan, for the british forces, he might have gotten out ahead of himself a little bit and the taliban would want everyone to think they were seconds away from taking down the chopper, but, it does pointed to a security flaw, in the way that he handled the visit and i mean, any dignitary who is going and traveling around afghanistan, whether to meet the troops or whatever the reason, you know, shunts be talking about this. there should be a news blackout until they get out of dodge. bill: that is an excellent point
9:17 am
and maybe you can ask the british military why it was handled that way. but here's the fundamental difficulty we have here. the taliban can blend in. >> right. right. absolutely. bill: and the other afghans, they are the same people. >> they are the same people and they have friends an acquaintances and have family members and who may take jobs with the u.s. or nato military units, and maybe with the afghan government, and, it is much easier for the taliban, the commander that was talking about this, he's right, it is much easier for the taliban to recruit and to co-opt sources of information, certainly, than it is for us, for the agency or for the military or nato, to do that, because, again, it is their turf and they own it. bill: and, it is a with a within the war and -- war within the war and you had extensive experience with this when you were in iraq. how did you handle it. >> we had several hundred locals working on behalf of our business. doing everything from convoy
9:18 am
deception to currency units and we had to work hard to do the background checks as you would here in the u.s. you are at a -- you have to know are they who they say they are? bill: bottom line, somebody in baghdad could give you have a social security number? and we'll talk to your former employees? that is not how it works. in afghanistan you even have less of that information. >> much less information, and, so, it doesn't mean you don't try. you do what you can to know who it is that you are hiring and, the u.s. and nato forces, rely heavily on locals to do a lot of the logistics and have to bring these people in and part of the effort to try to create a stable environment and the other thing the taliban has, is, one of the reasons why they are successful in developing informant is because they do something we don't and they depend on fear and violence and threats to bring these people on board. bill: that is a good point. that is how they gained power in the 1990s, mike baker, appreciate your expertise. come back any time. martha, what is coming up. martha: thank you, gentlemen. well, the imam behind the
9:19 am
planned mosque near ground zero is now speaking out, he's placing the blame on the fierce opposition to that project, in a particular place, what he says about why it is all about politics. also... >> i'm definitely coming back next year. no question about that. i can't stay away from it. >> what a sad story this is, 13 years young, his life cut short every the weekend, the rising star, killed on the racetrack at indianapolis. what led to his tragic crash and how did this happen? in minutes. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
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or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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martha: this is a tragic story. a 13-year-old motorcycle racer died at indianapolis motor speedway, over the weekend. during a trial run, this young
9:23 am
boy, peter lenz, fell off his bike and there are reports out there that he was waving, that he was down, and then was hit by one of the other motorcycle riders, a 12-year-old motorcycle rider in the race and, the young boy who was killed in all of this, he was from washington state, he was a rising star, in the world of motorcycle racing. >> the second rider, he hit him from behind, his bike flew up about 5 feet in the air, and they landed about 25, 30 feet, beyond him. martha: what an awful story this is, this is video taken from the web site and shows what it looked like, from the seat of his bike, the teenager took home several first place and top three finishes over the course of the summer and it wasn't the first time that he was in a serious crash, and mechanical failure last season left him with four broken bones and a severed nerve that required major surgery. the boy's tragic death has ignited a furious debate out
9:24 am
there, about how young is too young, 100 miles an hour on the best known tracks and that leads to our question for you at home: do you think 13 years old is too young to ride in this kind of motorcycle race at these speeds? go to"america's newsroom" and tell us what you think about that and next hour we'll speak with a children's rights advocate wendy murphy about the tragic event and you look at the kid, and you know, he had a great career ahead of him and loved what he did and he was passionate about it, out there every day, and you say, it is an accident, and accidents happen when you take these kinds of risks. bill: you feel bad for his family and parents and how about the kid who hit him. martha: exactly. and the 12-year-old boy who hit him has to live with that for the rest of his life. bill: more a bit later and in the meantime, the rocket faces a federal judge today, former babe star pitcher roger clemens will be arraigned in a washington, d.c. courtroom on six felony charges.
9:25 am
including lying to congress about whether or not he steroids while he was an active player. >> reporter: and throughout the process he has been defiant and didn't have to testify before congress but did anyway and before his indictment he was offered a plea deal and turned it down and now the 7-time cy young award winner is expected to plead not guilty to 6 counts and he is charged with three counts of making false statements, to -- two counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of congress, all based on his appearance, two-and-a-half years ago, when clemmons took the oath before the house committee on oversight and government reform. strongly denying claims, made in the report and other players and a trainer that he used steroids and human growth hormone and he was one of the most dominant pitchers in history, playing 23 years, winning 354 games an striking out more than 4600 batters, and retiring with an earned run average of 3.12. but the hall of fame may be a long shot now, thanks in part to the testimony of his former
9:26 am
trainer, brian mcnamee, who said he personally injected clemmons repeatedly, with performance enhancing drugs, saving syringes and drug paraphernalia that tested positive for stoidz and his dna and andy pettitte claimed he remembered him using the human growth hormone and clemmons says he misremembers that and he could face prison and a fine and could face 15 to 21 months in print and is expected to plead not guilty, later this afternoon. bill: and the courtroom, we will watch, rick leventhal, live in new york, martha. martha: everyone is familiar with this man, the imam spearheading the mosque that he wants to build and lead that is near ground zero and now, he's speaking out. placing some of the blame for all of this controversy, he says, it is political and about the upcoming elections and peter king, new york congressman, will weigh in on that, coming up
9:27 am
next. bill: the fresh face in one of the most hotly contested senate races, marco rubio, is live in "america's newsroom," what his race in florida says about the rest of the country. martha: and a cruel summer for folks in one hot vacation spot where great white sharks are forcing people off the beach and putting a damper on the old labor day weekend, folks. i wonder why that could be. boss gonna be great. got the gecko t-shirt... "4 million drivers switched!" gecko water bottle... notebook... chamois... gecko: sir, i feel a little bit uncomfortable with all... you know... with all this. i mean, it's not about me. should be about how geico's the third-largest car insurance company in the nation. things like that. boss: oh, of course! we're not gonna get carried away.
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call today and mention i.d. alert... or go to >> fox news alert, word ut off atlanta now, the atlanta journal constitution, the newspaper in atlanta is talking about this reporting on the suspicious package at the airport, it's located in the parking lot of the north terminal, the newspaper is reporting it looks like a pipe bomb. the bomb squad responded to the scene earlier, today 6:30 a.m. eastern time, which was exactly three hours ago, so as far as we know, they're still on scene but have not yet been able to determine whether it's a pipe bomb or not, whether or not the suspicious package is more than suspicion or not. so we're reaching out to our affiliate in atlanta and also in touch with our bureau to figure out what's going on at the airport. atlanta is one of the busiest day in day out, one of the busiest airports in the world, not just in the country but around the world, they move hundreds of
9:32 am
thousands of people through those terminals every day. so we're watching that in atlanta. more on that when we get it. police have not -- martha: the imam behind the proposed new york city mosque is speaking out, feisal abdul rauf is blaming politics essentially for the controversy, he also the opposition to the muslim center is closely linked to the upcoming november election. now, many lawmakers including president obama also -- president obama himself have weighed in on this debate raging near ground zero. congressman peter king joins me this morning. >> thank you martha. martha: so far, he has been -- the imam has been fairly quiet on this whole thing during the most vociferous debate on all of it, now he says he's still travel -- he's still traveling overseas by the way on a trip funded by the u.s. state department -- he says
9:33 am
it's all political. >> martha, i find that comment arrogant and insensitive. first of all the opposition to this plan, to this world trade center mosque, developed from the 9/11 families. these were people that lost their loved ones on sepember 11th, 2001, they are the ones who started it. this is clearly a grass raolts movement and obviously a number of people have gotten involved. that's what is called democracy, they believe they reflect who the constituents are, so for the imam to stand back and say it's all politics, he doesn't realize how offensive he has been by attempting to put this mosque in the shadow of ground zero and how insensitive he is to the families who lost loved ones that day. martha: some of the comments he's made on the overseas trip, you know, seem to be made with the intention of showing that he is very moderate. he's talking about -- he says radicalism is a threat to everyone, to all of us, he says we have to combat radical values wherever we see them and there's extremism in all religions.
9:34 am
>> again, though, i think it's a certain morale equivalency. he talks about often what's radical and doesn't necessarily tie it to islam to the extent he should. that goes back to the comments on 60 minutes after september 11th when he said the u.s. was an accessory to the 9/11 attacks, when he said that bin laden was created by the united states, when as recently as several months ago, he refused to say whether or not hamas was a terrorist organization. so to me, the imam tries to have it both ways and to me, he's giving conflicting message and has done that continually. martha: i think that a lot of people share that view with you. talk to me about this developer. i know that one of the things you've been pursueing is where is the money going to come from for all of this. now we're learning that sharif gamal, who bought half the property and coned owns the least, he owes
9:35 am
$240,000 on that property in back taxes. is this egregious and, b, is when t* a loophole to get this project? >> almost a quarter million dollars in back taxes on this property, clearly it raises the most serious questions of how is he going to raise $100 million for this project. two years ago, he pays 4 1/2 million dollars in cash for the property, now he's going to raise another 100 million can't even pay the property taxes on the property he has now. this could give an escape valve to -- first of all he leases part of the property from con edison and he's not paying those taxes either and to me that could be grounds for con edison if they wanted to to take away the option to purchase the property that he has, but it's also the whole question of where is this money going to come from. how is he going to get it. the fact they refuses to say where it's going to come from, then he turns out he can't pay their own taxes, to me, it's another serious cloud of uncertainty over
9:36 am
this entire world trade center mosque issue. martha: it does raise a lot of questions, and possibly a loophole for those who want to see this not happen, that they may go somewhere with this. the reason it's available is because it was damaged on september 11th and that gives you a real sense of just how close it is. peter king, congressman, always good to talk to you sir, thank you very much. >> martha, thank you. bill: back to atlanta right now, we're just in touch with waj, our affiliate in atlanta about the suspicious package left in the north terminal parking lot, now getting reports that this is not a criminal matter, and it involved flyners a private plane. that would certainly be good news for the bomb squad that's been on scene for three hours. so there's the control tower, atlanta international hartsfield airport. we do not know whether or not this has held up travel and we do not know how it's affected commuters today and flyers into that airport, but this would be good news, not a criminal matter and involveing a private plane.
9:37 am
we hope it stays like that. if the facts on the ground change, we'll get back to it. meantime, it was five years ago about this time, we began learning what new orleans was really in for with hurricane katrina. at first, so many thought the big easy dodged a major storm, the eye of the storm skirting the city to the south before making a bee line for the mississippi coast. at the time, the worst looked over, until it became apparent that was not the case. new orleans' flood system of levees, pumps, antiquated and outdated, overwhelmed as the waters rushed n. 80 percent of the city, under water. fox's arthel neville grew nup new orleans, she's there live this morning. arthel, good morning, five years later. >> reporter: yes, i'm standing along the famous new orleans streetcar line, it was partly in service six months after katrina, full service started two years ago, the neighborhood, new orleans east, it is far from being back on track.
9:38 am
the lower ninth ward, one of the hardest hit by katrina, has had the toughest time to resuscitate blighted homes litter the neighborhood, as many homeowners didn't have flood insurance, still, the storm didn't dampen the residents' spirit, a fraction of them have rebuilt. brad pitt's make it right program is also help to go revitalize the lower nine. so far, make it right has built 30 energy-efficient affordable homes in the neighborhood. still, the ninth ward remains vulnerable in the event of another katrina. >> one of the things that they've got to do with those levy social security make sure they raze them -- raise them, the height of the levees is not sufficient to protect the area from a storm like katrina. and today, that is still the case. >> reporter: formerly a state senator for 26 years, john johnson is currently city councilman for district e, which incorporates the #th ward and a suburb called
9:39 am
new orleans east, homes to mostly middle to upper middle income families. although 66 percent of residents have returned, new orleans east is still without a proper infrastructure. >> reporter: so is it the chicken and egg? what has to be back there first? do you need to have the sandbags, the walmarts back, the walgreen's back, the gas stations back, the banks back, the chinese restaurants back, the grocery store on reid boulevard back? what do you need to have back first, that or the people? >> well, the people are back. i think the people have spoken. they have come back. now what we've got to do is make sure that we bring all of those services and those businesses that you just mentioned back. and i think they will come back. and in fact, just last week, johnson and the mayor said the methodist hospital in the area will be operational next year, providing much needed medical access to that area,
9:40 am
as well as employing 1200 people. also, a british wind turbine company will be working in part of a major assembly facility out there, bringing more jobs to the area over the course of the next five years, and those jobs will have the average salary of $48,000, bill. bill: and perfect timing, with a streetcar behind you. some things are wack to normal. good to see you arthel. >> reporter: absolutely. bill: arthel neville in new orleans. martha: like many politicians who want to win in the fall, he says he's been listening to the concerns of every day americans. republican senate candidate marco rubio joins us next to tell us what he thinks to do to beat charie crist and kendrick meek in florida. stay tuned for that. bill: betty white has not lost her sense of humor, folks. eighty-eight years young, getting laughed last night at the emmy awards. she even walked away with a statue. and want to know about, click on the
9:41 am
most read tab and read what is hot. back in a moment.
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>> we are at a crossroads, our children will either be the most prosperous ever or the first to diminish this country. if we stay on track with where this country is now we will lose our exceptionalism and our country will be no different than any other country in the world. bill: that's marco rubio giving a public address over the weekend. he's locked in a three-day battle in one of the most closely watched races you'll see in november. how does he plan to tackle some of the toughest issues facing folks in his state? let's ask him. marco rubio, live from florida -- from florida, welcome. reef -- we've reach out to your opponents, we hope to have them on but you get the first crack today. >> thank you. bill: thank you. there are 1 million
9:45 am
floridians looking for a job. what's your plan to help them find one? >> well, the important thing we have to start with is by reminding everyone that politicians don't create jobs. jobs are created by every day people from all walks of life that start a business or start an expanding business, the job of government is to create an environment where that's encouraged and made possible and my argument is the things coming out of washington are making it harder for the job creations or discouraging the job creators and i think the polices that will help puts on the right track is number one a level of certainty in the tax code. they should sten the '01 and '03 tax cuts, in fact, make them permanent. the fact that we're having a debate about it is discouraging job creators. tax similar polyfication, our corporate tax is the highest in the world, i think we need to put an end to the conversations about a value added tax or cap and trade tax and of course, obama care is a big strain on the direction -- on the job creators as well because it makes it difficult to calculate how much it's going to cost and how much of a bureaucratic nightmare
9:46 am
it's going to be to hire more people. bill: to be fair we've heard that argument from a lot of business oerpbs and ceos who have come on our program and talked about it. you said a mouthful. let me slow you down. i want to put the screen on for our viewers. rasmussen reports the following on the current race, 40 percent, crist at 30 percent, meek, 21 percent. that looks good for you. do you believe the numbers, 60 some odd days out? >> well, you know, i've made it a policy in this race not to get excited or depressed about the polls. we've been down as far as 30, up by a bunch in the primary as well. the important thing is the voters are now in the process of determining which one of these three candidates doy want to be the next u.s. senator, and my argument here in florida is very simple. i'm the only one running that's going to stand up to the things happening in washington and who's offering a clear alternative. my two opponents, meek and charlie crist, do not support repealing obama care, my two opponents support cap and trade. bill: charlie crist wants to extend a tax credit for
9:47 am
first time home buyers, that was very successful until the program ran out, meek favors tax breaks for small business and middle class, not for the wealthy, though. would those ideas be enough to pull florida out of its mess? >> well, they're not. first of all on the the tax credit for home buyers, it's important to remember that as soon as the tax credits expired we had a dramatic dropoff in sales which leads to the argument that a lot of those sales were going to happen anyway and were being accelerated. certainly they help the people going to buy but is that a way to get the real estate market healthy again? the answer is the better way to permanently get the real estate market healthy is create a progrowth environment. if people can't buy homes, if they don't have jobs or are not secure about the economic future, as far as the warfare, the people democrats want to raise taxes on they're 30 percent of consumer spending and a third of the tax increases go directly to small businesses who pay on the personal rate as s corporations. it would be a terrible policy to pursue in the middle of one of the worst
9:48 am
economic downturns in modern american history. >> debbie wasserman shut social security a congressman out of florida, you know her well, they said on sunday, there's a raging battle within the republican party for the heart and soul of the republican party. is she on to something? >> well, i think the republican party, the raging battle is for america's future. that's the raging battle goes on. and the people 234 washington, d.c., including wasserman schultz and her party are taking our country in a direction that will rob us of our kpefgsalism. the debt their going to leave our children with every single day, spending government money to grow the economy, that hasn't worked, diminishing our national security and standing in the world, that's not going to work. the bottom line is the american people have a clear choice in this election, they want -- do we want to continue to remain exceptional or do we as a nation want to become like everybody else. that's the choice and it's clear. bill: you've talked about that a lot, your parents are cuban and he said over the weekend on the screen, you
9:49 am
say i know firsthand that it's possible to lose your country because my parents lost theirs. wow. how is the communist take over of the island nation applied to america today, do you think? >> well, it's not the same thing in terms of level of intensity, but here's what we are losing are the things that make america exceptional. this is a nation where everyone from anywhere can accomplish anything. it's been exceptional for 230 some odd years. and now the question is do we want to stay that way or are we prepared to allow our country to become just like any other country in the world. that's really the choice. and i'm arguing that if we stay on the road that washington has put us on, we are going to become just like every other country in the world. i want *r want us to reembrace free enterprise, your the entrepreneur and risk taker to start a business or expand an existing business and if we do that then i think our children and grandchildren are going to have the chance to be the most prosperous americans in our history. bill: marco rubio, thank you for your time from the sunshine state. good to see stkpwhraou thank you bill. thank you. bill: we have asked the
9:50 am
other two to come on board, governor crist and kendrick meek to come on board. stay tuned as we wind on up, we say. not wind down but wind on up to november. marco rubio, on deck for us. martha: violence escalating at the u.s.-mexican border, this as the national guard is boosting its presence to protect the united states, and an arizona congressman, trent franks, is going to tell us what he thinks of the 30 troops who have been sent in there today. we want to know what you bank this, how serious do you think the situation is at the border? is enough being done? five hundred thirty-two troops are headed that way. is that enough? go to the website,, let us know what you think. we'll be right back.
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
bill: spider-man is back at
9:54 am
it again, he's no cartoon, he's a living human being, allan r-plt obair, climbing a 57 story skyscraper out australia. look at him go! asusual the frenchman used only his bare hands and his feet, and it attracts the crowd and attracts the police, too. after he makes it to the top -- he has climbed more than 70 skyscrapers, including "the new york times" square building in mid-manhattan. after that a crazy guy in the bronx followed him up. martha: did anyone notice that while that was not happening bill hemmer was not here? maybe he was playing spider-man! just mentioning it, just bringing it up. all right, you know this is one of my favorite stories, a great white shark, putting a bit of a chill on summer fun along cape cod in massachusetts, in particular the waters off of one particular town. molly line has more for us on this.
9:55 am
>> it's become an annual rite of summer on the sandy shores of cape cod, the arrival of the great white shark. >> what's happening is you've got this growing rebust seal population, white sharks feed on seal sos if the seems are growing and are there every year i think the white sharks will continue to come back. >> to a great white, seals are like fast-food, and in massachusetts, it's the drive-up window. there are thousands of them, most spending their days on dry land, mindful, perhaps, of what lurks beneath. >> i've got about 27 years of studying sharks under my belt with the holy grail being the great white and finally i've got a chance to study them in in any way back yard. >> and tag them with satellites so the mig bration can be tracked, but what's fascinating is a little disconcerting to beach goers. >> kind of freaked out. >> red flags ean for swimming and beachs are closed when dorsal fins are spotted. >> that was down the boat
9:56 am
channel, but pretty much, people, as long as they're left in the water, we'll close the beach down when we see one. >> you hear the music play! >> but most vacationers have a practical view. >> there's enough beach toss choose where that are shark-free. it's up to your waist, you can get out quickly if you need to. >> there have been no attacks on swimmers but great whites have been spotted down on the cape, and on nassueau beach, which is a popular area for swimmers. martha: well, if you see one, we close the beach. what if you see it before they do? that's my question. bill: peter bench was on to something, wasn't he? same part of the country. in a moment, focus on the economy, president obama says it's growing too closely but in the right direction. fox's major gair set on the north lawn in a moment. plu, watch this. >> watch him go off the platform. i didn't need anybody to wave or get my attention. martha: talking about the
9:57 am
nick of time, a subway stopping just feet away from a woman on the track. meet the hero who helped save her life. unbelievable story. it is next. don't go away. [ female announcer ] secret flawless renewal is formulated so when you turn up the heat, secret turns up the protection.
9:58 am
odor-fighting microcapsules are triggered by your body heat to release a fresh scent. for 24 hour odor protection. ♪
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martha: we are preparing tor trouble on a couple of fronts, hurricane earl is picking up power as it heads towards the virgin islands, on the left side of the screen, tracking towards america's east coast and, we want to watch it in the coming days and in washington, the white house keeping an eye on the economy, of course, which is not picking up, enough steam by all accounts, welcome to a brand new hour on this monday morning of "america's newsroom," glad to have you with us, i'm martha maccallum. bill: good morning. martha: glad to have you with us. bill: i'm bill hemmer. a resty day, trying to get back into it. martha: never rusty. bill: i highly recommend vacations! martha: vacations. bill: you keep the glow for a day, you are happy. martha: so far, he's still
10:01 am
going. bill: good morning, everybody, president obama recognizing the economy's worries fresh from the vacation and he believes america is moving in the right direction and congress is standing in the way. >> president barack obama: we have anticipated that the recovery was slowing, and the economy is still growing but is not growing as fast as it needs to. and i have got things right now, in -- before congress, that we should move immediately and that is before i went on vacation, and i'll keep on saying it, now that i am back. martha: major garrett joins us with more from the white house lawn, and, major, this is somewhat a new take on the economy from the president and he has plans for unusual visuals on the topic at the white house, and what can you tell us about that, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, martha, and bill, you might not have heard it all completely in the sound bite from the president but what he said, to brian williams on nbc last night in new orleans, was that we, meaning the administration, had anticipated the recovery slowing. well, in a city that is
10:02 am
notorious for not being able to keep a secret obviously the white house kept that one, quite a big secret, because nothing in the white house's public presentations, about the president's economic plans, or his overall belief in the trajectory of the u.s. economy would have led anyone to believe that the white house anticipated the recovery slowing. before the president went on vacation he spent quite a bit of time traveling all over the country saying the economy was recovering and democrats in his administration put the economy on firm footing indeed, for -- in d, for drive and it was not sliding backwards and recent data suggests exactly that, that the economy is slowing, still growing, but much slower than economists say are necessary to create jobs which is the number one issue in the country and today the white house will do something that is almost never done before, which is bring a small group of reporters into see the end of an economic briefing for the president here at the white house. and, that is the white house's way of signalling the economy is still a top issue at the white house and last week when we
10:03 am
asked press secretary bill burton if the president would talk about the economy this week and he said he would and when i asked is the economy moving forward, bill burton said the economic team reached no conclusions. well, quite clearly they have and the president, now conceding publicly, something they obviously determined privately some time ago, and the recovery is slowing down. martha: it will be very interesting, major, to see if they change their language, about this. about the way they are speaking about the economy, if they recognize this sort of -- sort of confirm what we are seeing in the numbers, backwards growth in gdp and the economic team we know is influx by the nature of a couple of resignations, and republicans have called for an even bigger shakeup, any sign the president may be heading in that direction. >> reporter: there is no sign of that. last week, john boehner, the house minority leader said the president should before the midterm elections get rid of tim geithner and the national economic chair, larry summers and that will not happen and christine romer of the council of economic advisors who put
10:04 am
together at least partially the report before the stimulus was passed, projecting that if in fact the stimulus spending was put forward, unemployment would never rise above 8% and it has risen far above that and that is' constant thorn in the administration's side and christina romer's last day is friday and, many here at the believe make, the replacement would make a capable head of the council of economic advisors and what is against austan goals buy, and the president would like a woman to fill her spot and we'll find out this week or later after that, who will replace christie romer. martha: thank you very much, major garrett reporting from the white house. bill: as we await that, we are awaiting the results of the too close to call senate race in alaska. this is taken -- has taken the nation by surprise and election workers are counting absentee ballots tomorrow and at the moment, challenger joe miller holds a slim lead over incumbent
10:05 am
republican senator lisa murkowski. one of miller's big platforms has been to cut the size of the federal government, a position he stood by, yesterday, in an interview on cbs: >> you have also taken fairly controversial, some would say, very extreme positions, first, you say you want to phase out medicare. you want to privatize social security. >> i would suggest to you, one thing with the constitution, you think the founders are extreme, if the constitution is extreme and it's a difference of a couple thousand votes in alaska and the winner will face scott mcadams, the mayor of sitka, alaska. bill: six minutes past. martha: a deadly stand off taking place in a small village, south of -- southeast of anchorage and police say 45-year-old john marvin, jr. shot and killed two police officers as they responded to a domestic violence call at his home on saturday night. he has now barricaded himself
10:06 am
inside the home and there is a s.w.a.t. team there, and they are on the scene now, the latest we are getting, and, telling people in the small town, stay away from the area. watching the story, as it unfolds this morning, and we'll have more details in a little while. bill: in the meantime, now, muslims in a tennessee town say they are frightened after someone set fire to the construction site of the future mosque. the attack happening right in this middle the riddmiddle of ramadan and t are investigating the incident. >> and the people are friendly, and sometimes they blow the horn and give thus finger and the attendance level is very low, people are scared to leave their homes. bill: with the ross perot test at the mosque and the fbi analyzing evidence in tennessee. okay. all eyes on earl, from puerto rico to the potomac, a full-blown category-2 hurricane hovering off the caribbean
10:07 am
coast, places like florida and georgia, the carolinas, maybe new york, could all be next. janice dean is live in the fox weather center. what do you see todayed . >> i have to put you on the spot and do you know your hurricane evacuation plan? do you know what zone you are in. bill: i have no clue. >> martha needs to know, she lives in new jersey and the reason i'm asking is because the storm is going to get dangerously close to the east coast and new york, new jersey, you are in the cone of uncertainty and the storm is just shy of a category-3, 110 miles per hour winds and you can see the eye, right there and i think with in the next advisory coming out the next few minutes it will be a category-3 storm. major hurricane. all right, affecting the british and u.s. virgin islands, puerto rico and there you go, there is the eye, well-defined the next several hours and hurricane advisors, the british virgin islands, getting hit almost with a category-3 storm and a
10:08 am
hurricane watch for puerto rico. and here is the path, pay close attention if you live across the outer banks, anywhere across coastal long island, up towards new england and even atlantic canada, you're in the cone of uncertainty, if the storm jogs towards the west we'll be dealing with, perhaps, a major hurricane along the east coast and you don't have a lot of time here, you need to know what your hurricane evacuation plan is, and what zone you are in, and you can see long island, long island is very vulnerable, at or above sea level, and a storm surge can cause major damage, so as we go further in time, becoming a category-4 storm, again i think this is already a category 3:and, as it continues to move north and east, this is all dependent on a trough that will eventually pick up the storm and this good news is the computer models are in agreement now, but, again we are a few days out and anything can happen, right now, in that cone along the east coast and i cannot express it enough. so your hurricane evacuation
10:09 am
plan, right now. bill: and, if that is headed to the northeast, the waters are warm this year, warmer than usual and those storms feed off of that. jd, do you know your evacuation plan. >> i was coming home from the beach and saw where the huk route is and i have a good idea but my husband has a better idea and i gave it all to him. it is important, i kind of joke a little bit but i shouldn't be joking. this is really serious. bill: you make a good point, watch it and we'll be in contact with you. martha: i have to find out our zones, i'll do that right away. we're following a developing story on our southern border, national guard troops, waiting for this for a while are arriving in arizona and we'll talk to a congressman who says 30 troops may not do the trick. and, that it is way too late, we'll talk to him, coming up. bill: this is extraordinary videotape. these men have been trapped, half a mile below the surface of the earth. for almost a month.
10:10 am
today, why their government may have found a plan b to get them out within the next 60 days. martha: that would be good and julianne moore, a bulgari hand bag and a pair of lion cubs, up next, inappropriate... look at that. i want to stick around and find out, what's with that. host: could switching to geico really
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bill: we're told all options are on the table in what could be the most challenging rescue mission we've ever seen, 33 men on camera, are awaiting a massive drill in chile, set to start boring a giant hole through the earth today and it may take upwards of three months to reach them and the government it is looking at their options, 33 men stuck half a mile below ground and now drilling will go
10:14 am
forward. they were able, apparently to talk to their girlfriends and wives for one minute each on sunday and they are looking for a quicker option but those guys are hanging on. martha: this is phase one of the president's plan to secure the southern border, he has been under a lot of pressure to do that and the first battery of national guard troops will arrive in arizona. set to patrol lawless desert areas, between mexico and the united states. now, president obama promised hundreds of troops, 524 somewhere in that range, will be sent to the area you are looking at here and i'm joined by cox man trent frank on the judiciary committee. good to have you with us here today. >> good morning, martha. martha: 520-some troops and 30 went down today and we are told they are eyes and ears forces, and have no authority to arrest anybody but are there to look for illegals crossing the border, right. >> i guess that is the
10:15 am
ostensible statement. you know, the reality is, that john mccain and jon kyl and i had asked for 6,000 troops for the southern border. they shows 1200, which 500 are come to the arizona area, and, you know, in the back drop of iran, just announcing recently that they have enough material to ultimately fuel two nuclear warheads, this administration continues to refuse to secure the border, and weaken our missile defense and i just have to say to you, i feel like they are just kind of stumbling through this lackadaisical "see no evil" asleep at the wheel obliviousness. martha: they say they made a concerted effort to send people down there, 524 people will be on the border and that is 524 that didn't used to be there and they would say, i believe they've said it is a step in the right direction. >> will it took a lot to get them to do that and they
10:16 am
promised at the beginning of the troops would be here a month ago and i think if it hadn't been for souome of the efforts made arizona even this wouldn't be happening and i feel like the biggest challenge this administration has is understanding the border security, not just about immigration, it is about national security, i'm on the armed services and the strategic forces committee and i guess it is my job to worry about those things but i believe this administration just simply does not have a grasp on how significant that issue is. martha: representative, i don't want to let you go without talking about this. i think it will get a lot of attention in the coming days, the state department has recommended that the arizona law which was, you know, duly passed in the arizona legislature and you know the history of this at this point, that the law be put on the list of human rights concerns for the united states, to be evaluated at the united nations, among, you know, a huge list of horrific human rights
10:17 am
violations from around the world. what is your reaction to that? >> well, i guess, first i am dum founded, i just -- i hate to be the one to have to be direct but this administration, this is the most pro-abortion administration in the history of the nation, they want abortion throughout all 9 months of pregnancy for no reason, any reason and want taxpayers to pay for it and want to export that with taxpayer money across the world and human rights issues is the last thing they should talk about and to suggest somehow a duly passed law that only enforced the federal policy is somehow now a human rights challenge, and they list this with the united nations, as a way of dealing with human rights abuses, i find that astonishing. our governor called it internationalism rung -- running amok and i am shocked that they
10:18 am
would apologize to the united nations for protecting our borders. martha: a lot of people will be shocked to learn the arizona law is put on the list of human rights concerns by this country for our own state department and we'll continue to cover the story and get thoughts on that, representative trent franks, thank you very much for being here today, sir. >> thank you, thank you for covering it. martha: we want to know what you think about all of this. what do you think about the fact that he u.n. will be considering this as a human rights concern, the arizona law. go to the web site,"america's newsroom" and send me a tweet or e-mail, getting lots of comments on the whole issue, and we love to hear from you, keep it coming, this one is from tom, in ohio: with regard to the border issue, he says we need at least a full army, new addition of 20,000 troops, to make a difference, we know that congress called for 6,000 and those numbers on the border, we heard about that. bill: i think 20,000 would do the job, don't you think. martha: i would run the other direction if i saw 20,000 american troops. bill: 19 minutes past the hour and the terrifying scene of a
10:19 am
new york city subway platform, a woman waiting on a train falling into the path of an oncoming subway car and even for new york city, you will not believe what happened next. >> and this is getting a huge amount of feedback. a 13-year-old boy, run over, and killed during a warm-up lap at a motorcycle championship race, the latest on the investigation, it is a tragic, sad story for this family and why some people say that 13 is not too young to be racing in this dangerous sport and we'll talk about that, very hot topic. >> i believe absolutely they are. we have been doing it nine years and never had an incident like this and we have been racing almost every, single track in the country, big tracks, small tracks, you name it and these kids have proven time and time again their skills, training and background and everything hprovn these guys are more than ready for a track like this. announce] the financial headlines can be unsettling.
10:20 am
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10:23 am
martha: talks about a nightmare on the subway in new york city. look at this picture. a woman fainted on saturday morning while standing on the subway platform, she fell onto the tracks and into the path of an oncoming train. luckily for sher, subway driver frank lusk, saved the day. >> i actually watched her go off the platform, so i -- that is -- i didn't need anybody to wave or, you know, get my attention, i knew that i had to stop the train, he was bleeding, so i had tissues in my back pocket that i gave her. martha: a hero and the woman felt dizzy before she lel and he doesn't understand what all the fuss is about, he was doing his job and thank goodness he did such a good job on that day. bill: let's hear it for new york.
10:24 am
come on! bp engineers in the gulf of mexico are going to remove the temporary cap on the oil spill which stopped the oil from gushing out of the blown out well and think there is drama in this move? kris gutierrez is live, why do they need to take this cap off. >> reporter: admiral thad allen wants the temporary cap removed so engineers can make their way down to the failed blown out preventer and remember, the bop, the blowout preventer actually should have stopped the leak before it began, bill but it failed on april 20th when 11 rig workers were killed and investigators want to know why and they need to remove the temporary cap first to get down to the blowout preventer, the bchb bop is 50 feet wide and weighs 600 pound and if they get to the that they can determine what exactly went wrong. bill: is there a chance the oil gushes out again, after the work is finished? what happens next. >> reporter: there is' slight chance with anything they do, but admiral thad allen says he wants to move on this, because,
10:25 am
he ultimately needs to figure out what exactly went wrong and there is obviously always a chance but he doesn't thing anything will happen and once the old bop is removed they'll install a new one and he needs to finish drilling the relief wells which will take four days and the drilling should resume, september 7th. bill: we'll keep our fingers crossed to make sure it stays the way it is. kris gutierrez on that story. martha: tragic story. the 13-year-old boy was killed in a motorcycle-racing accident and he was a rising young star. and, a fellow rider says everyone knows the risks. >> the riders, that is not like a bike too big for him, you know, we chose to do this. i mean, sure we know going in the consequences, so... don't go there at all. martha: and, a children's advocate, we'll speak to one next and we are getting a lot of e-mail on this topic and go to
10:26 am"america's newsroom" and tell us what you think, you think 13 years old is too young or you think that a lot of sports involve risk and the families were aware of that. let us know. but sometimes after a busy day and a heavy greasy dinner... my system needs some tlc. now there's something new. introducing activia dessert. rich, silky, smooth yogurt with desserty flavors like strawberry cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake, and peach cobbler. and because it's activia, it helps regulate my digestive system. mmm, works for me. new activia dessert. ♪ activia
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martha: all right, stories developing now, in "america's newsroom," first signs of a power shift, with in the reclusive regime of north korea. a major meeting of the nation's only political party set the beginning of next month, and it is the first meeting that it had since 1980, and experts say that
10:30 am
it could be the first kim jong-il's first step to handing power over to his son and we'll watch that and dues of passengers rescued -- dozens of passengers rescued from the clipper adventurer running aground on friday and canadian coast guard ships brought 128 people back to the land, and that is happening now, and keep an eye on this guy, his name is earl and he's a category-2, right now, headed to the eastern cribbin and hurricane warnings are in effect from florida, to the carolinas and it would move up the coast and steve harrigan live from st. thomas in the virgin islands, how bad is it down there? >> reporter: martha, it could be coming this way, we're standing now with -- on the beach, 40 yards of it, and, there are reports of trees and power lines down on the island, home to about 60,000 u.s. citizens, and it is a storm that already is a category-2, and winds at over 100 miles per hour, and the next few minutes we could learn, it is a category-3 and it has a
10:31 am
tight eye and so far the conditions have been up and down and the first outer bands coming in and some strong winds and heavy rain and it is really -- has caused havoc with travel throughout the eastern caribbean and a lot of small airlines have shut down and small airports, on many of the islands, also shut down and cruise ships have had to scramble to get out of the way of the storm as it gets stronger and changing the itineraries for 20,000 passengers and usually there is a sense of boarding up, packing nervousness here and on the island we are not seeing that so far, it has been 15 years since the last big hurricane hit that left 10,000 people homeless and still a sense of calm despite the fact, it is in the path of the on coming, strengthening storm. martha? martha: all right, we'll be watching this one for the next several days, steve harrigan, thank you very much. bill: we expect to hear later today, more on the tragic death of a 13-year-old boy, he was killed while riding his
10:32 am
motorcycle, and the competition, the indianapolis motor speedway. and, this is him, seen here and the autopsy reports expected later today. and peter crashed during a pre-race warm-up lap and fell off his bike and a second motorcycle ridden by a 12-year-old boy struck and killed him on the track. and from our fox affiliate in indianapolis, thrilled too report. -- filed this report. >> reporter: this is what it looked like from the seat of peter's bike and why he loved racing so much and the teenager from vancouver, washington, was killed during a warm-up lap for a u.s. gpru race at indianapolis motor speedway and the boy's web site was testimony to his skill, rising star in the world of motorcycle racing, had seen several first place and other top three finishes this summer. >> racing is a dangerous sport and you have to push through it and i guess peter died doing what he wanted to do.
10:33 am
>> reporter: 10:30, the fans were out here who watched the tragedy unfold. >> a warm-up lap and they were coming through, and, come out of this -- from about the start of that blue and white berm, he was between the 4th and 5th. >> the second rider hit him from behind and his bike flew up five feet in the air and landed 25, 30 feet beyond him. >> reporter: the summer of '09, peter was asked about his plans after a season ending injury. >> yeah. i'm definitely coming back next. >>. no question about that. i can't stay away from motorcycle racing. >> he's a good rider and pushed me to go faster. he was one of my best friends. >> reporter: he was just 13 years old. bill: rough, reporting from our affiliate out of indianapolis, wendy murphy and child rights advocate, good morning to you, a tragedy, all around and do you have a problem with this? >> yeah, i mean, i do as a
10:34 am
parent. i do as a lawyer. there are so many things, kids like to do that are dangerous and the law says, too bad, you can't do it. and you are a kid and, adults have to take responsibility. bill: they were not breaking the law here. i mean, this is' sanctioned event and it happens in indianapolis on the motor speedway, the best known track in the world. >> yeah, that will be a defense, of course, no one is suggesting it was against the law, per se but, if he had been driving his father's car and died, people would be absolutely outraged, there would be no debate. the fact that this is regular shouldn't change our focus point which is parents get to choose whether it's safe for their children to do these sorts of things and parents can choose despite the fact it is regulated not to subject their children to the risk of death. remember this kid almost died last year, had a body full of broken bones and damaged nerves, and wasn't that a warning sign?
10:35 am
you know, sometimes there really shouldn't be a debate about whether a child should do this or not. bill: what would be -- >> dying is too -- >> as a parent, though, what would be the difference, martha and i talked about this last, what if he were in a downhill skiing event or snow boarding event? i mean, it carries risk there, what is the difference. >> yes. you can say all sorts of things, he could have died walking to school, right? i car could have hit him. but you make judgments as parents, what is the likelihood that my son will die if there is an accident in the event and, let's face it, you know, this is like going very fast in a car, and when you crash in a car you are highly likely to die or suffer severe injuries, why would you put your child through that because you can, kids like to do things impulsively and they think they are invincible and their brains are not done developing and that is why he went indulge their requests, mom i want to jump off a bridge in a parachute and, no, you cane. bill: you feel badly for the
10:36 am
family, come on, their 13-year-old son is taken from them and they watched it happen. how about the 12-year-old boy who struck him on the track? >> that is exactly what i was going say next. how is that 12-year-old ever going to get over the trauma of knowing he killed one of his buddies? another reason not to allow this sport at all, in my opinion, because, you can't ever fix that 12-year-old's brain, he'll live the rest of his life knowing he did this in connection with something he loved. i don't know how you get over that. and why would you expose kids to the risk they will hurt each other, that is another important point to be made. bill: just one more thing, do you think there is a legal matter here? or not? >> oh, you know, it is a tough one, i tell you, if i'm social service i might investigate the family for neglect not because i want them to suffer but because the child almost died last year and now in fact he's dead and isn't that some form of child neglect? i suspect at least there is a
10:37 am
good argument there. bill: today we offer up our prayers to the family and for him. wendy murphy, out of boston, thank you. we'd like to know what you think about the story, do you think the 13-year-old -- 13 years old, rather, is too young to ride in motorcycle races after the weekend's tragic accident? that is our question on-line, log onto"america's newsroom" and thousands of people have weighed in the past 90 minutes and 57% say it's too young, cast your votes, hear what the folks are saying on our web site, right now, a lot of reaction and it is split, a lot of people say you can get hurt in a lot of different sports and they don't want it to be left up to any kind of regulation or eliminate the sport and it does have a good safety record, as was pointed out in the story before. and, i do think it is up to the family, up to the family, they have to assess their child's maturity and the family's commitment to allowing the child to do this but i don't think you can take it out of the hands of the parents, ultimately it is their decision. bill: one more thought, indianapolis motor speedway, if you are 13 years old, you wants
10:38 am
to be on that track, that is -- the grand palace when it comes to the world of racing. motorcycles or cars, but, our best to his family today. martha: very sad story. all right, let's get back to politics here for a moment and the question of whether or not the american people are still getting to know the president. why more americans are now just saying they are still getting to know the president, we'll talk about this and what the impact may be of that, on the midterm elections, interesting conversation, coming up, with our great political panel today. bill: a guy walks into his home and the guy says he is just getting a glass of water and what the burglar tried next and why he picked the wrong house to get h20. ♪ ♪ come and get your love ♪ come and get your love.... are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
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>> big show coming up for you on "happening now, the president speak on the economy and the question, do we need' second stimulus. >> and roger the rocket clemmons will be in a federal courtroom to be arraigned on perjury charges and we have two terrific sports reporters, who happen to be lawyers, who will be our guests to try and sort this out. >> lawyers like you? gregg: well, we'll see... >> plus the man who has slept with king tut's grandmother. we're not kidding! gregg: a red-head. >> the grandmother is a red-head, that story and more coming up at the top of the hour, see you again. bill: thank you, jenna and gregg, police in california calling a man a person of interest in his wife's disappearance, marcia forsberg first disappeared months ago and her husband said she went to visit friends and richard is missing now, and he disappeared
10:43 am
after police went to the couple's home with a search warrant and he has not been to work and they are trying to trace cell phone activity or bank transactions and the tip line on the screen, 714-628-7170, if you are in california or the area and you have any advice for police. call the number. martha: the white house is very focused on the economy, as the president gets back to work after the vacation this week, and we are waiting remarks from him, from the rose garden and that will happen, 12:30 eastern time and over the weekend, president obama sat down with brian williams, of nbc and had this to say, about recent polls showing some americans can if you haved about the president's background and beliefs. >> president barack obama: i'll always put my money on the american people and i'm not going to be worrying too much about whatever rumors are floating on -- out there, and if i spend all my time chasing after that, then i wouldn't get
10:44 am
much done. martha: all right. in an editorial in the "wall street journal," peggy noonan argues that the american people are still getting to know this president. of our recent presidents, she says the american people could always say, i know that guy, the bill clinton, good old boy, she describes him and george w. bush, texan, rough around the edges, the way she describes him and about president obama, sleek, cerebral, detached, and, an academic from chicago by way of hawaii and indonesia, you know what? i don't know that guy. and, we have a democratic political analyst and a fox news contributor and, a former chair of the republican party of virginia and vice president of the young america's foundation, welcome. it is a very interesting piece, that peggy noonan writes here and bob, what she argues is the president confused people with some of his statements about things, you know, you look at the mosque statement, in one
10:45 am
example, that she gives, and health care, the priorities that he has made, and, as the economy has been sinking. and also has confused some people, and is that a fair critique on her part as far as you are concerned. >> he's cerebral, which means i don't understand him at all. martha: fair enough, bob! >> i'll say this about her critique. it is true. this is the only president we have had that we had no history with, before he was elected president and is a guy that grew up off the continental united states and wrote his own narrative, with the back about his father and wrote his own political position in the audacity of hope and it's not unusual peggy wouldn't know him and a lot of people and that is part of his communications problems and despite being a good communicator and the rest of the critique i don't buy and he's done the best he can and we'll get to know him better. and, i think it is -- he's a guy that is an unusual president, no question about it. martha: and that is an
10:46 am
interesting assessment, kate, are chuckling over there. >> he's an unusual president, i agree with you on that, the american people know all they need to about him and that is he is not what he said he was, he campaigned as a moderate who was not going to raise taxes, on people making less than $200,000 and he was going to grow the economy and the first thing he did when he became president was hike up the cigarette taxes, and that had a direct impact on people making less than 200,000, again and again he has done exactly the opposite and he said he was not going to move the country in the dramatic left direction and has essentially socialized vast swaths of the economy and because he's the opposite of what he says he was, that is going to raise questions, people say, well, wait a minute, he's not who i thought he was in that area, what about the other areas, where he has contradictions. martha: bob, this is fascinating to me, the whole subject, and the relationship that the american people have with their president. i think is very interesting, to watch over the course of these
10:47 am
different presidencies and one of the assessments that is made here, is that the communications team did such a fabulous job of sizing up where the american people were before the election and they tapped right into weakness, that they saw, as the -- in the prior administration and they haven't been so good at tapping into can't any of that the election. what about that. >> it is partially a fair assessment and by the way, i didn't know you smoked and i'm sorry, your cigarettes are so expensive. >> oh, ha, ha, ha... >> it is true it has taken a while for the american people to get to know barack obama and he did not campaign, as a moderate but a lot of -- >> he did, too! >> look, are you done, kate, time. >> yeah. >> but the point is, that this is a guy that i think he campaigned in the perfect campaign environment which is to say, he was following george bush, the country was read fo-- ready for a change and he picked up on that and getting to be president in the climate is a different situation and if
10:48 am
anything was underestimated it was the stenextent of the probl he was confronted with and it was easier to campaign in '08 than it is to govern in '09. martha: he's at a critical point now, and may lose support in congress to get the things he wants to get done, done and let's listen to a piece of sound from this interview and we'll get a quick thought from both of you on this. >> president barack obama: look, we anticipated that the recovery was slowing. the economy is still growing but it's not growing as fast as it needs to. i've got things right now, in -- before song, that we should move immediately and, i said so before i went on vacation and i'll keep on saying it now that i am back. martha: major garrett pointed out earlier today, bob, that we didn't know that the white house is anticipating things were going to slow down and this is the first mention we have heard of their sort of acknowledgment of that and he's going to have to prove to the american people that they have a plan for the economy if he wants to help the folks running for office out there. >> i'm not sure i would have put the vacation part in the same sentence, but, if i were writing
10:49 am
that, but, look, is the -- the economy has slowed down and we understand that and they thought it would be more robust and by my count if the democrats hang on in the house it will be by one or two and i would not be surprised to see them lose the house and the end what will happen this is republicans will have to do something they are not used to, doing something and having to try to govern. martha: kate, quick thoughts. >> obama's comments show how completely out of touch he is with the american people, suffering as a result of the economic policies, that he has implemented and when one in five americans is either unemployed or under employed or gave up hope, the economy is not heading in the right direction and this is far from the summer of recovery joe biden thinks it is. martha: breaking news, coming up. kate and bob, thank you very much. always good to see both of you. bill: "fox news alert" on earl and this is already upgraded to a major category-3 storm, national hurricane center, word out right now, will give us updating every three hours and we'll watch the storm, every
10:50 am
three hours, every day of this week. carolinas, possibly, the northeast, new york... martha: areas that have not been hit in a long, long time by something like this. bill: or will it be blown out into the atlantic? we'll find out. back in a moment. interesting grooming. thanks. i got the idearom general mills big g cereals. they put a white check on the top of every box to let people know that their cereals have healthy whole grain, and they're the right choice... (announcer) general mills make getting whole grain an easy choice. just look for the white check.
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martha: get this, an american actress raising eyebrows with this ad, a giant billboard and features julianne moore wearing nothing but strategically placed hand bag and two lion cubs, a good outfit to wear when heading out for the day and it was deemed inappropriate by the mayor of venice and the billboard was supposed to be placed in a popular st. mark's square and the mayor says it is simply too risque. bill: even for the europeans,
10:54 am
wow! martha: you know, there are things that are far more revealing -- she has a couple of lion cubs on, big deal. bill: a man walks into his florida home and finds someone who lives there and we have a strange reaction from the homeowner. >> i was more mad than anything else, and felt violate. >> reporter: kevin was pumped up on adrenaline when fox 35 caught up with him, moments after deputies left his home. he had gone out to run errands and came home to quite a surprise. >> i went back to my room and saw a shadow and somebody walked out of my bedroom and he said he was getting a drink of water and i was, dude, i don't know you, why are you in my home and he wanted to leave and i said you ain't going nowhere. >> reporter: he's a third degree black belted and reached for his cell phone to call 911 and went after the intruder and a grabbed him and pulled him this way and you can tell, we e rangrearrang
10:55 am
dining area and i'm holding him up the wall and lifted him up the wall. >> reporter: and he watched to make sure he didn't have a knife or gun. >> a looked out the kitchen window and saw -- i looked this way and one cop was at the front door and i -- not thinking, i should have drug him to the door and a let him go and ran and opened the door and he got to the sliding glass door. >> reporter: the suspect took off and deputies found him hiding around the corner and when they looked in his bag pack. >> wanted to steal my red cowboy boots, special order! >> reporter: along with that, the ipod touch and jewelry and he has a message for the intruder. >> this is my home and i didn't invite you in here and you come steal from me. bill: wufl, dude, you don't belong here, the quote of the morning. martha: no, you are not going anywhere and he took the red
10:56 am
cowboy boots of all things! president obama is preparing to address the nation from the oval office about america's new mission in iraq. and 50,000 americans still are there, of course and there is no solid government in place, and, the iraq prime minister is putting the nation on high alert. the president's message, next.
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
bill: emmys for last night, golden girls stole the show, betty white had a good laugh with "mad men" star john hamm. >> i'm not speaking for myself but thaoub sexual chemistry in that opening number in. >> how about our sexual chemistry back in that quick change room? [laughter] bill: chuckle chuckle. martha: she's one of my favorite people. i could watch john hhamm and betty white for the next several


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